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Chancellor Zimpher: It is unacceptable that we would ignore the message of #IvoryTower at our own peril. @cnnhttp://t.co/P38zJc6qMy

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Our challenge is to make a college degree work for generations to come.

*Lots* of Anonymous action in Mexico. Follow here for updates https://t.co/JjtYq9It4b and @AnonymousMexi

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Here are the resources we've assembled that'll help you begin to hack your education. http://t.co/qm8VOXL8X1 #IvoryTower

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"Romantic love is as powerful as thirst and hunger." —@DrHelenFisher http://t.co/1EcdrBeXnAhttp://t.co/oNsW3GCU2W

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76% don't need pills
7  min - creating a vaccine for love
12 min - when people are happy in love: 1. empathy 2. control stress/emotions 3. positive illusions (overlook what you don't like about them and focus in on what you do)

There's a new type of speed dating. People are putting paper bags over their heads. http://t.co/PVA92PXwQ8#CBS4Mornings

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How brains store forgotten birth languages http://t.co/ApWorqmQLR http://t.co/q6cQyFy2LP

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“We need writers who know the difference between production of a market commodity and the practice of an art.”http://t.co/LAwfcJogwP

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The word revolutionary gets tossed around a lot by a number of groups who resemble street thugs rather than...http://t.co/ZDEcfIKfbq

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Kozol: "Schools cannot at once both socialize to the values of an oppressor and toil for the liberation of the oppressed."

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In my view it makes little sense to talk about deschooling a society without emphasizing the necessity of radically changing more important institutions. Schools didn’t create class hierarchies, privilege, and vastly unequal distributions of wealth and power. And these conditions can’t be abolished by talking about abolishing schools. Schools are one institutional means of reproducing the basic class relationships, privileges, and attitudes characteristic of our society.
To imply that we could abolish schooling, degrees, and the grading and tracking functions and so create a decent unschooled society is wrong. There are wining places and losing places in this society; they have to be filled, and those with power and privilege and wealth will use these resources to keep the winning places for their people. There is a consumer mentality, a waste economy polluting the environment, and this cannot be separated from the corporate profit-hungry basis of the economy.
from allen graubard's free the children
reaffirming neil gershenfeld... 
needs something better to do..

there is no such thing as race.. but the human race..
scientifically, anthropologically, ..
racism is a social construct.. with some benefits.. ie: can blame things on it..
race can only be defined as a human being

Watch now: @karaemiller talking to @eric_mazur about education @googletalks last week http://t.co/BHV7iMFELU

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r brand

"Homeless Fonts" creates fonts based on handwriting of homeless people 2 raise funds to help them.Odd,but interesting http://t.co/5JrcbQZOD4

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I wrote what I believe.
I’d love to hear what you think.

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tocqueville - yale 

@Annemcx thank you. Here is one more, by Joi Ito, first comment by SG. http://t.co/13d82zqJK7 unfortunately McK link not working any more.

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Incredibly well-reported 2010 @newyorker profile of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the mastermind of 9/11http://t.co/1bGGrwsbHQ #longreads

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The cost of feeding #hungry is $80 billion. We waste $500 Billion worth of food. Paul Poleman @Unilever at #NI14 #foodsecurity #hunger

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life 2.0

unspoken truth about #depression and #undocumentedlife: https://t.co/0IfioUXAq0 #immigration @DefineAmerican #whatsyourstory?

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Finishing up ep 2 of the http://t.co/kdPBbkLDsw it features @EthanZ & @astradisastra it is called PAYING FOR IT, look for it tonight.

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Maker creates a 3D-printed bionic hand that you can update like a smartphone: http://t.co/M4ICgxHhV1#MakerMonday http://t.co/mG0T98PkcG

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#Ferguson There is particulars of case & than the larger issue 4 many w darker skins it feels again a referendum of value of their lives.

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Bryan Stevenson: Black and brown people are presumed to be dangerous & guilty across U.S., not just Ferguson http://t.co/iqwvqQPSVD

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Regardless of the outcome, this entire process has been a farce, inside a cruel joke, wrapped in an insult. @VanJones68 #Ferguson

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Yes everything is easier in the dark.  RT @mattdpearce McCulloch: Most significant challenge was the "24-hour news cycle" and social media.

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"No indictment for Wilson, but while I've got you here, I'm gonna go ahead and prosecute the victim."—McCulloch

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All my livestreams froze and then twitter erupted, Like we left a box of crayons on the radiator of justice.

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Assata Shakur: "Nobody in the world has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to...the people who were oppressing them." #Ferguson

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"Is there something wrong with the laws?" Great question. Dumb answer.

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@CNN's Toobin: First half was an embarrassing whine. Second half: Unconvincing. [Dumb and Dumber To got better reviews.]

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Obama: "There is never an excuse for violence…." Just as the tear gas comes out in #Ferguson.

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there is going to be some negative reaction - and it will make for good tv. - obama. whoa.

Follow our reporter @JuanMThompson from #Ferguson tonight

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Image of the year RT @HayesBrown: Wow. http://t.co/IHCcBb2pSc

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NOW: Thousands march up 7th Ave to Times Square in #NYC - peacefully - following #FergusonDecision via @nytimes http://t.co/wonc9ITGrt

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@andrewslack there's definitely a powerful connection to the hunger games, but I don't think it's a valuable conversation to have this soon

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Twitter itself a weird mirror of the surreal CNN split screen of calm Obama and burning streets

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Lots of young people milling around, unsure what to do. Chants, 'die-ins', shouts, laughter. Stretching civic muscles.

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The Coming Race War Won’t Be About Race" http://t.co/p5ewMbWCu6

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If we don’t have a specific agenda—a list of exactly what we want to change and how—we will be gathering over and over again beside the dead bodies of our murdered children, parents, and neighbors.

#Ferguson is America's selfie.

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The National Bar Association publishes strongly worded good sense: http://t.co/iUkmSKecOF

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