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lahk is 100000
so more than 200000 per year commit suicide.

8. Despite receiving most media attention, farmer and student suicides are far more rare than suicides caused by poverty and a lack of access to treatment.

1/3 of global suicides


The reason Finland’s ultimate distribution of income is so equal is not because its great education system has made everyone receive high paychecks (an impossible task), but because Finland has put in place distributive policies that make sure its national income is shared broadly. In 2010, Finland’s tax level was 42.5 percent of its GDP, which was nearly double the tax level of the U.S. By strategically spreading that tax money around through a host of cash transfer and benefit programs, Finland’s high market poverty rate of 32.2 percent fell to just 7.3 percent. Its child poverty rate, which Finland focuses extra attention on, fell down to 3.9 percent. Overall economic inequality took a similar dive.

Proud to serve on board with these patriots Snowden documentary shows only government transparency can stop leaks http://t.co/A4RjBOATrT

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Today, the region is paying the price for the failure of top-down modernisation and the disintegration of artificial post-colonial national borders and frail political edifices. And with the evaporation of the great hopes pinned on the Arab Spring of the possibility of change through peaceful means and popular protests, extremism and violence have reared their head once more. But as disillusionment and despair descend on the region and tighten their icy grip on its throat, this deformed ghoulish child of crisis looks uglier, deadlier and more vindictive than ever.


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Ahora que todas hablan de Malala Yousafza, hay que hablar también de Kailash Satyarthi, quien comparte el Nobel de este año con Malala. Satyarthi lleva 30 años luchando por la libertad de niñas y niños víctimas de esclavitud laboral y sexual en India.
"La servidumbre por deuda es una forma de esclavitud moderna, donde la gente común pierde la libertad más básica de movimiento, pierde la libertad de elección. Niñas y niños se ven obligados a trabajar largas horas con poco desc...
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Now that all they talk about Malala yousafza, we must also speak of Kailash satyarthi who shares the Nobel Prize in this year with Malala. Satyarthi takes 30 years of fighting for freedom of the girls and boys are victims of slavery and in the workplace sex in India.

' The serfdom by debt is a form of modern slavery, where the ordinary people lose the freedom of the most basic of movement, loses the freedom of choice. Girls and children are forced to work long hours with a little rest. More than five million children are born in such slavery in India. Its parents or grandparents could have asked for borrowing a sum little money to some terrateniente local y, as a result, generations and generations to come work for the same pattern. Are the prisoners, children prisoners.'

Variety review of @citizenfour: "extraordinary documentary," "brilliantly demonstrates that information is a weapon"http://t.co/Qrt4VxG4sg

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"In his latest book, #Assange brings some much-needed transparency to one of the most nebulous global corporations."http://t.co/jxtDcGgvO6

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very happy for the exposure.
very sad that it's news. ..ie: a new idea.

Remind me, again, why it's unthinkable that we abolish the police as a mistaken path and try some different social strategies?

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Many of us have deep coping mechanisms for trauma. Our smiles do not mean that we are okay, but that we will be here tomorrow. #Ferguson

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You can check out more of what Nick's trying to accomplish at his website, Highly Evolved Human, where he states his mission: 

Will be giving plenary/keynote for BABEL group at UC Santa Barbara later this week. http://t.co/yModXU2oGw

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NYC ALERT: New York University wins court ruling allowing $6 billion expansion into Manhattan's Greenwich Village:http://t.co/vrJNxioPNR

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