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Are there "preventable" #edu errors? MT @vkhosla: Preventable medical errors #3 killer after heart disease, cancer.

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Great piece by @astradisastra in @thebafflermag on worker cooperatives — owned by workers and democratically run.

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The cooperative activists themselves often recognize the problem. Marina Sitrin, the author of several books about horizontalism, never believed that the large assemblies that characterized the early days of Occupy Wall Street would be sustainable for a prolonged period. She told me that horizontalism needs to be grounded in a specific place and have a well-defined purpose in order to function. A hundred people debating abstract principles in a public forum will likely drive each other bonkers, but the same hundred people may be able to run a school or a health center or a factory if their community and lives depend on it. In other words, for consensus decision-making to be practicable, there has to be something at stake, something to stick to and stick with. You need a school or a health center or a factory.

My keynote from #blc14 has been posted in case anyone is interested. #fb #edtech #networks

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@audreywatters the last few days have struck home for me that we need to spend time developing people, not content. Disciplines of learning

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@KateMfD @audreywatters in the vein spiritual disciplines - i.e. beyond a practice. More like a way of "being"

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City, school district officials discuss collaborating on new programs

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councilor Troy Krenning — an attorney who requested staff bring back information about youth offender programs — said teen court defeats the purpose of true restorative justice programs, which take kids out of the court system completely.

prep for uncertainty..
by following whimsy.. swimming in vulnerability of context.. improv.. et al

RT @nilofer: "we often confuse the doing for the being" - @brainpicker

Arne Duncan (@arneduncan)
7/22/14 6:24 AM
Voters highly value #earlyed & improving public schools – candidates across the spectrum need to pay attention:…];
  • Sixty percent of Republicans and 84 percent of Democrats supported a description of the proposal under consideration by Congress to “provide ten billion dollars per year for ten years in grants to states to provide all low and moderate income four year olds with voluntary access to high-quality preschool programs” as well as to fund “voluntary  high quality early education and child care for infants and toddlers, as well as home visiting and parent education.”

we have no scarcity.. in money 
just no focus
no glue (siemens)

Paul Thomas (@plthomasEdD)
7/23/14 6:30 AM
"Higher ed, in fact, needs to lead the evidence-based resistance to Common Core..." — Paul @biblioracle
One of the troubling components of the CCSSI is the stipulation that, once adopted, the wording of the standards cannot be amended, although states are allowed to add 15% more text.

perfect prep/modeling for future...

The authors of the standards failed to incorporate most of the committee’s suggestions. But the CCSSI, as teachers and students now encounter it on the Web, is a complex and generically hybrid text, open to interpretation and translation. Members of the MLA have been interpreting the CCSSI document since its initial rollout and have arrived at strikingly different conclusions, which were evident at the sessions on the Common Core at the 2012 and 2013 conventions.

sorry. not sorry.
spinach or rock...?

Phil Shapiro (@philshapiro)
7/23/14 6:51 AM
Open source would allow libraries to offer online live video reference service analogous to Amazon's Mayday service. Which library first?

Spent: Looking For Change (Official Trailer) | American Express: via @YouTube > thx for the headsup @brettking

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.@PedroANoguera says programs for boys won't have an impact if they focus solely on mentorship:

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Place Leaders (@PlaceLeaders)
7/23/14 5:28 AM
Smart city initiatives incredibly valuable for place & city mgmt @CityofPerth progressing with@IBMSmartCities >

Doug Belshaw (@dajbelshaw)
7/23/14 6:53 AM
Me too! RT @kshjensen: Did I mention I have 2.5 working days left & then two weeks holiday?#anticipation

why this....?
can we change that? is that not our means to energy..?

Doug Belshaw (@dajbelshaw)
7/23/14 3:51 AM
Create your own badging system, with guidance from @NMHS_lms

It's out right now. Short but bold. RT @ChrisDiehl: @johnrobb nice John! When is it due out?

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Talking to the brilliant Jeremy Rifkin today from 3-4pm PST/6-7pm EST on @SiriusXMIndie 102! #onebigcouch

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Bill Gates Talks Performance Funding and MOOCs in Conference Keynote #oldaily

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living on gaza border:

Great summary of fertile @berkmancenter conversation on monitoring algorithms like the Facebook news feed:

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STEM STEAM SHTEAM (ok already, so what’s wrong with an acronym that’s Yiddish?) Putting humanities into equation!

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"Today, a new chapter has begun in the story of American cities." Great insights by @fundrise.

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Join the School in the Cloud… | @WhatEdSaid Mitra's schools in India now a reality.

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School asks parents to buy iPads. Kids who can't afford are getting "bullied" by wealthier peers h/t @nwin

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Remember: whenever you hear there’s a shortage of humans (or food), it is almost always a code for shortage of money. (Modern famines are also almost always a shortage of money, not food). Modern shortages of “labor” are almost always a shortage of willingness to pay well, or a desire to avoid hiring the “wrong” kind of people.

t’s also crucial work: economists estimate a good kindergarten teacher is worth about $320,000 a year, when measured as adult outcomes of those children she teaches. (And yes, devalued emotional labor is mostly a female job around the world—and the gendered nature of this reality is a whole other post).
And the argument, now is that we should turn care over to machines as well, because, there is a “shortage of humans”.
What are seven billion people supposed to do? Scour Task Rabbit hoping that the few percent who will have money to purchase services have some desires that still require a human?