Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Michael Wesch at Pasadena City College

life's quest - soul making
16 min - if you don't have wonder and curiosity, the web (Seymour Papert's knowedge machine ness - you have to have questions for it to work) is just a major distraction
making good souls - full of wonder and curiosity
learning worth crying about
28 min - crying together felt to good

i felt gotten

31 min - moments of vulnerability - were the wellspring - to empathy
quest, make connections, take chances - tech allows us to do all 3 - but also to block all 3
erica quote - top - but with no sense of curiosity/wonder

 Seymour - crazy to put computers in classroom and change nothing else. computers best when everything is changed

42 min - play

44 min - 7 yr old adapting to 3 yr old's mind - so that the play will continue
wesch on play

56 min - keep looking for fellow student most opposite you - your other
58 min - dust yourself off and try to unzip your guise that you grew into that hides your lies..
59 - the retirement community