Friday, February 24, 2012

phill pappas

excellent man. grazie.
his book
i feel as though everyone has some adhd (and all our labels to some degree, ie: introvert from reading cain), either that or i just happen to have everything in me.

excellent advice for meta learning
that charles phillips talks about as well.. in a great interview with uncollege

some of my favs from Phill:
take the helm of your own intellectual ship. 
right now, ask yourself: what other things can i do? refrains from asking, what other things should i do? you should do whatever ti si that you can do, first.
the freedom of self-control. knowing this feeling is pretty amazing
understanding why you do what you do can only lead to improvement
when you are trying to get things accomplished it is best to keep your mouth shut about it. don't tell others. don't even say it out loud. it has to do with feeling like you have accomplished something by simply saying it
please take care of yourself
athletics are fulfilling. you learn a lot about yourself when you push your mind and body. you learn how far you are willing to go, and how much pain you can take.
embrace your energy
people with adhd: the faster operating system of the human race, and society has simply refused to change for us.
(i'm really believing that all our labels, esp ones we label as disabled, are really super powers. are we listening deeply enough to them? ie: carly, etc)
my productivity increase when by days are packed. i am always happier when i have more to do.
yeah.. get the book.. get one for a friend..