Monday, June 6, 2011

redefine space

At the end of Mark Pesce's The Playfold World, he describes his thoughts as he enters Notre-Dame cathedral:

As I crossed the threshold,.. a sudden and unexpected sensation enveloped me. The somber quiet of the cathedral space, soaring upward to the heavens, produced a similar sense of peace within me. In a journey of just a few feet, I found myself, my being, in an entirely new space. It was as remarkable as it was unexpected - but this surely was the intent of the artisans, who, nearly a thousand years ago, labored to build this monument to God's glory. Bachelard, as a Frenchman, understood the power of space to transform human nature; he had a defining example at hand.

Imagining a space such as this.. redefined to it's original intent. And inhabited by people/purpose longing to be awakened by their inner art/genius.

Dear Artspace and et al... please take a listen to our YOUth longing for spaces of permission to be.

Imagining.. how that could change the world.