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By contrast, a major factor driving increasing costs is the constant expansion of university administration. According to the Department of Education data, administrative positions at colleges and universities grew by 60 percent between 1993 and 2009, which Bloomberg reported was 10 times the rate of growth of tenured faculty positions.

..there are no valid arguments to support the recent trend toward seven-figure salaries for high-ranking university administrators

by paul campos of cu

Specific data for my NYT piece on public subsidies for higher ed are here:

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book recommended to overdrive

UBC student writes 52,438 word architecture dissertation with no punctuation

Remember, the U.S. and Canada's Harper government did everything in their power to keep this torture survivor caged

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The one and only @amandapalmer is in the #howlive house!!!!!

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#omg loving @amandapalmer and @brainpickings @brainpicker closing keynote #HOWLive #SVAxHOW @HOWbrand #ukulele

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"It would be beautiful if, in the world, art was just art." @amandapalmer #howlive

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How to light the off-grid world in a decade? Xavier Helgesen of @OffGridE has the answer

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My definition of silence: the "p" for pianissimo, repeated to infinity - @chrisunkim #MLTalks

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Zappos stopped managing its employees. They don’t seem too happy about it.

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5/9/15 6:18 AM
RT @DanSilverSARF: @indy_johar My article on how policy needs to embrace the everyday, still relevant I
In this daily and often invisible struggle, it is the everyday actions of people who are marginalised from political decisions that can be the most creative and lasting.
I think this brings hope. It connects with Edgar Pieterse’s concept of ‘radical incrementalism’. This is the idea that alternatives can be produced through everyday practices, which aim for an improvement in people’s immediate circumstances, but also lay the basis for building upon that for even greater change in the future. Over time this can lead to cumulative transformations that contribute towards a more equitable future and re-awaken our imaginations.
By embracing the everyday, a brighter future is possible.

Dan Silver (@DanSilverSARF)

5/9/15 6:50 AM
@JAMortram I'm doing a project with people in Salford to use photos to capture their everyday struggles & support - amazing / tragic stuff

How to cultivate a healthy relationship with achievement – a must-read for all but especially parents and educators

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.@jonmatonis If you come from a culture that doesn't know how to carry people while they learn, society becomes dominated by ignorance

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About #neoliberalism and academic life. Via @LSEOCCUPATION

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@LSEOCCUPATION, I was thinking about aplying to a PhD at LSE, but after seeing this, I don't know if it would be the best for a brazilian.

I wasn't ready for @DeraysShoes.

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 Video Essay Summit - Nelson Carvajal on the Art of Piracy -

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This must be what Rilke, too, had at heart when he exhorted us to live the questions. And yet if there is one common denominator across the entire history of human culture, it is the insatiable hunger to know the unknowable — that is, to know everything, and to know it with certainty, which is itself the enemy of the human spirit
Because much of Nature remains hidden from us, our view of the world is based only on the fraction of reality that we can measure and analyze. 
Science, as our narrative describing what we see and what we conjecture exists in the natural world, is thus necessarily limited, telling only part of the story… We strive toward knowledge, always more knowledge, but must understand that we are, and will remain, surrounded by mystery… It is the flirting with this mystery, the urge to go beyond the boundaries of the known, that feeds our creative impulse, that makes us want to know more.
Gleiser notes that while modern science has made tremendous strides in illuminating the neuronal infrastructure of the brain, it has in the process reduced the mind to mere chemical operations, not only failing to advance but perhaps even impoverishing our understanding and sense of being. He admonishes against mistaking measurement for meaning:
There is no such thing as an exact measurement. Every measurement must be stated within its precision and quoted together with “error bars” estimating the magnitude of errors. High-precision measurements are simply measurements with small error bars or high confidence levels; there are no perfect, zero-error measurements.

error bars et al...which we can't know either... right..?

The more we know, the more exposed we are to our ignorance, and the more we know to ask
This unsettled existence is the very blood of science.

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4/5/15 10:06 PM
Spreadsheets are old news. Say goodbye to rows & columns & hello to instant insights. See…

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Introducing The Web Journey — Mozilla's take on how people discover, use and create the Web:

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The most perverse reaction to #GE2015 result is those who are angry at voters for being irrational. (Think about that for a minute.)

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Exploring the paradox of losing the information in the avalanche of data - @jseelybrown and I discuss

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How to Start a Movement
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if there's a how to... other than.. be you.. listen to your heart... can it ever be ongoing ... enough to be move ment 
yeah... important people as followers.. not lone starter...

I don't know...

sustainability from following.. listening to own heart... not from following others bravely

o Wilde ness
that would be a fad... no..?
not a revolutionary movement... of systemic nature... no?

Much bigger than college costs. Rote failure to adapt to systemic changes. Anachronistic job titles is one clue.

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Travel widely, listen wisely and connect deeply. #Ethiopia #adventurebound

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to be imperfect and therefore trustworthy.

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