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Can entrepreneurship save politics?ow.ly/3nIqEq

syntheticsynthetics: i love the part of cities that are an eclectic mismatch of people and buildings and...http://t.co/VzL09e8qa9

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IBM's 3 billion investment in synthetic brains and quantum computing. http://t.co/xEq3plgH7A http://t.co/u1UrD8Mxq7

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The $3 billion funding round will go towards a variety of projects designed to catapultsemiconductor manufacturing past what IBM physical sciences director Supratik Guhacalls the “end of silicon scaling” in microchips. 

"Bodies matter when we learn". @audreywatters: http://t.co/KwNH4WrNDw (@drpievann re being in place)

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Spain’s new law may destroy the digital commons http://t.co/8lWF7xObNC

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"Art is the process of trying to wake up the soul. Because we live in an industrialized world that prefers the soul to remain asleep."

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Singapore tests if mass surveillance & big-data analysis can be used to "engineer a more harmonious society."http://t.co/Qi0QWE8MDi

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Wow. Read this UN statement. The first paragraph is devastating: http://t.co/vJkvYtHweZ (via @vijayprashad)

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The US media can no longer pretend like there is one side to the story, because people can find out for themselves and they will then call them out on social media for obvious bias. After a correspondent who was doing remarkable stories from Gaza was recently pulled out, temporarily, the firestorm on social media meant the network had to send him back. There has been a definite shift.

chimamanda ness

crazy title. crazy words.


"Before 150 years ago, no human social group—town, village, tribe, community—thought the best way to help young people grow into responsible adults was to isolate them (by law) from responsible adults for 13 years:"

@RachelAnneLevy Totally feel you! But her character is her problem; her impact is ours. @kombiz @EthicalFidelity @DataDiva

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End of chemotherapy within 20 years as pioneering DNA project launched http://t.co/4Ir6E010r1

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Florida Mom arrested for allowing child to walk to the park http://t.co/14B8S3WGTQ #ohFlorida @FreeRangeKids @BikeWalkCFL

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"The Kids Who Beat Autism". Great read.  http://t.co/n0N4YsKVvq

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For example, this is among the things we experienced while participating to XY Lab. While the importance of storytelling was very clear (the need to tell the story of what happened in the laboratory), the notion of the fundamental importance of how to share the knowledge that was generated from the lab was not clear at all, at direct (what knowledge was produced in the various projects which took place in the lab?) and meta(what knowledge was generated in creating the lab?) levels.

Bibi's demand is always for "quiet" RT @MarkRegevPMO: PM Netanyahu: "We hope we can get sustainable quiet as soon as possible..."

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"When your family asks what you're doing at this crazy fan thing, tell them you're doing what their generation failed to do." #leakycon

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I was walking in the park, admiring the old trees. Some of them were crooked. Some of them had scars, and lots of lots of wrinkles.

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Podcast: Is Coursera a revolution or disruption to higher ed? Cofounder Daphne Koller tackles the debate on @Slate -http://t.co/L4iS7Bj0I4

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Kathleen Cushman (@kathleencushman)
7/31/14 6:48 AM
Inside the lives of 3 rural boys, a must-watch August documentaryrichhillfilm.com

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8/3/14 4:20 PM
One Hundred Kindergartners, One Room, Three Teachers bit.ly/1rXQV7g via @nancyflanagan < This is horrifying. /pc

John Robinson (@21stprincipal)
8/5/14 6:23 AM
Perverse Practice of Focusing on 'Bubble Students': Malpractice in the Schoolsbit.ly/1miA634 #edchat

our primary driving tone must be above the possibility of having our central mission undermined.

we must use the incredible platform that Diane Ravitch has built for teachers, professors, and scholars in order to build a movement of many faces, many voices, and many experts. The mainstream media have reduced the resistance to Ravitch in much the same way that the media have reduced climate change to Bill Nye


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8/5/14 6:26 AM
"For the past month [Israelis] have been living in a parallel universe to most of the rest of the world."haaretz.com/blogs/west-of-…

Carmen A. Medina (@milouness)
8/5/14 6:29 AM
Your brain works better when you're happy! What’s Up With That: Your Best Thinking Seems to Happen in the Shower wired.com/2014/08/shower…