Friday, June 20, 2014

Buckminster Fuller Interview with Mits Kataoka January 30, 1978

from collection via Rob:

1978 interview..
4 min - city management - if make a bad decision.. immediately change their mind.. don't have scapegoating of various politicians - but simply a re-direction...

6:30 - It is perfectly clear to me that the only control over the learning process has always been the individual. We are designed so much more capably than our school systems. […] We are programmed in an extraordinary way, each of us a little bit differently.


9:50 - They [children] are always educating themselves. […] They are beautiful research departments and grownups don’t realize what incredible research departments they are. […] If you give the child the chance to really select the information it needs, it is going to educate itself very much more rapidly and very much better than any school system that has ever been devised.