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added to @telliowkuwp's @Webmaker hackpad re: @audreywatters test; #teachtheweb = pedagogy as much as Web; check it! https://t.co/MHnBYoCQhp

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@zaidhassan Well, that’s a deal!
Next time you are around, do contact us! By the way a must read for you: http://t.co/uRZxX48DMK

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@csigaloff looks good - will read. However the first question is why "social" why "innovation" and why "labs"? Curious as to your take...

“As far as I know, this is unprecedented,” Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia http://t.co/2gdu4Ll9Au

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Staying Competitive in the Knowledge Economy http://t.co/nUc3SLICsc "Knowing how to learn" is key. #edchat #cpchat

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would simply say - to stay happy/healthy - not so much competitive..

RT @landrights4all:  LandOwnership, even mutualised/cooperative, creates wealth4some & poverty4others - unsustainable. UrbanCommons

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Meet Alexandra, a @CSUCollegeOfBiz #RamGrad who jumped into undergrad w/both feet & succeededhttp://t.co/SX0eyaUmKL http://t.co/qEg3Dv0Tc1

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Soma solidarity sit-in in Istanbul. RT @140journos: 21:24 #İstanbul #Kadıköy - Gruplar, #Soma. via @demirokcemhttp://t.co/21b5T1qdqK

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a mustread by James Quilligan:  posted on fb by michel


why is more always better if it can never be enough?
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#satchatoc #PISA holds us back from imagining what's possible in education with globalization and tech

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#satchatoc Trust is mentioned by many. Need to re-instill trust in our systems. Political accountability sounds good, but trust is magical

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"the cure for boredom is curiosity. there is no cure for curiosity." -dorothy parker.

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is it dorothy parker?

We need to harness the power of decentralized social networks - they're much harder to manipulate or shut downhttp://t.co/znwQk66Fme

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Passion is the art of suffering for what you love; instead of settling for what you don't.

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yes. that grit.

It is astonishing how many industries would cease to exist should women suddenly begin to love their bodies. @shanley

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Short but sweet: @elonmusk on #motivation http://t.co/wNoqiO8Co4 (via @JoelRunyon)

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Very interesting profile of @alaindebotton and what accessible existential writing does to people, and to the writer.http://t.co/naBYzFavac

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I'd written about payment processer censorship re:Wikileaks. Now @wepay. http://t.co/l1fDm3KDEv @jilliancyork @mollycrabapple @emptywheel

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Was going to disengage to write about @WePay but @PennyRed got there first. Must-read: http://t.co/wKkn6z3y3T

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Is social practice an activist practice? If so, where is the activism located? #oetally #oe2014

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I'd want to be remembered as the writer of a song about being in space who enforced takedown of a non-commercial cover by a real astronaut

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What Farm-to-Table Got Wrong - This @nytopinion piece by @DanBarber is most definitely worth a read.http://t.co/wQQxpGAs1Z

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'Equity isn't something we take up at the end or the beginning' http://t.co/kBG2JE98A1  #edchat http://t.co/ZAlAE7U77I

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or perhaps.. it comes from getting rid of the prescribed middle as well.. no?

If we allow originality to become more important than authenticity, we'll lose ourselves. Honor God; just be you.

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As a writer, where you would presume education matters, I can't remember any employer asking where, or even if, I went to college.

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'This is so freaking huge man, it's insane': The plan to let anyone become European – digitally via @ZDNethttp://t.co/tcUx2AqMl0

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The Rubik’s Cube is 40! #CubeDoodle
Dear Google -  brilliant.  Well Done, but 40! is really old

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We have lost our minds. MT @schoolingworld: Over 10,000 American 2- and 3-year-olds prescribed medication for ADHD: http://t.co/6XdmUMjwEo

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introducing Killing Me Softly to the kids led to American Pie led to the history of rock-n-roll, metaphor &, uh, Revelations. #escalation

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about a boy ness

“A goodbye letter to The City of San Francisco from your Deputy Innovation Officer” by @channelshannonhttps://t.co/S73t4spNWq

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Towards Better Group Work: Seeing the Difference between Cooperation and Collaboration #oldailyhttp://t.co/xTgZKCtBBB

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Mustread: “Everything is Broken” by @quinnnorton https://t.co/A1z95rDPbc

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@pfeltenNC w/ @CEL_Elon We need to create more space for students to lead us and turn curriculum into what they want it to be #reinventors

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Awesome to see students in #tic104 populating readings spreadsheet, http://t.co/OrGd3k4dG5 , which in turn is building out course structure.

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Mi único jefe serán los ciudadanos: nuestra revolución ciudadana derrotará a la politiquería y la corrupción

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“I am very conscious of how privileged I am, especially in here. When you are in prison white privilege works against you. You tend to react when you come out of white privilege by saying “you can’t do that” when prison authorities force you to do something arbitrary and meaningless. But the poor understand that’s the system. They know it is absurd, capricious and senseless, that it is all about being forced to pay deference to power. If you react out of white privilege it sets you apart. I have learned to respond as a collective, to speak to authority in a unified voice. And this has been good for me. I needed this.”
“We can talk about movement theory all we want,” she went on. “We can read Michel Foucault or Pierre Bourdieu, but at a certain point it becomes a game. You have to get out and live it. You have to actually build a movement. And if we don’t get to work to build a movement now there will be no one studying movement theory in a decade because there will be no movements. I can do this in prison. I can do this out of prison. It is all one struggle.”

Higher ed becoming a joke http://t.co/1giBY5FNRt Interesting times... #highered

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