Monday, April 28, 2014

howard rheingold - commons
6 min - not so much about the art  - but the conversation you have with yourself while you're making/creating art
parents telling him - the problem is not you - it's the institution of school
we're encouraged to pick a tribe.. pick some culture that's been created for you..
8 min - i decided - i didn't want to fit into a niche... i wanted a career that would enable me to think about what i wanted to think about..
15 min - are we in control of where our attention goes..
16 min - pay attention to when your attention moves away from your intention..
25 min - if anyone who makes choices.. makes those choices available..
interview w/robin good
27 min - the commons - a resource for which no one can be excluded -
so the problem w/commons is that they can be enclosed..
none of us are free if one of us is chained ness (shut out)
30 min - how to help commons.. if no additional cost - make your stuff available to others.. the more i share the more comes back to me..