Friday, June 11, 2010

noam kostucki of seeducation

a great new find.. can't wait to learn more
tedxwarsaw hosts noam
when selfishness is the best reason to cooperate
because if you do good good will come back to you

check out seeducation here

and the amazing team here

a movement.. we need.

social enterprise: organizations that try to make a better place by making money through it to sustain the ones in need. giving people things for free just makes them want more for free.. teaching them how to sustain themselves.. is a much better gift.

he says best book - origin is a virgin
1. be transparent.. share as much knowledge as you can for free
he says he thinks biggest problem in the world is ed
2. accept that you are losing a little bit of control for common good
what if youtube and wikipedia (the amateurs have shown that they can lead the world to be better) and facebook become the platform for everyone to become teachers, 
3. create new roll models, inspire our children, build the world we all dream of

all we need is the confidence that being good to each other is clever

smacks of jacqueline novogratz

still sounds weird that selfishness is the path.. :)

interview at end:
all well and good to change world together... but for it to happen... ed system often breeds conformity and safety... comment on that:
it's a shame that ed is that... because it's not... it's just what we created. we learn more from stories, from each other, that by spending 5 years at uni (except dr, scientist, etc)