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eckhart tolle & sir ken robinson 2012

Finding Your Element Sir Ken Robinson Eckhart Tolle Jan 2012 ETTV

8 min - we talk about saving the planet... it's been around a long time..
we talked about humanity - that didn't work out..
humanity is a means

9:22: subtitle of the new earth - firing of the human consciousness.. the waking up
it's a miracle that you're here.. but you're not here for very long... find your element

11:09 the whole basis of human life is diversity

13 - in england - only tested and studied what you wanted

14:29 - one of great problems with ed - is if you're not good at the prescribed curriculum,...

18:50 - to be in your element you have to love it,
19:50 - finding element hugely tied with energy

22 - first steps - let go of resistance, often negativity holds you captive, so try - where you are now.. to honor every moment, change the how of what you are doing already, bring full presence to it

24:38 - humans have uniquely the power of imagination... empathy - if we imaginatively engage - then our own lives, ie: war - the only way we can do the unimaginable is to suppress our empathy, by changing our attitude..

26 - not to be reactive, but to create
empathy - to feel your way into another human being
27:20 - sensing the consciousness of others, beyond your judgments, modality of knowing the others, some are so trapped in their conceptual mind that they can't empathized
28:11 -  most vital thing for schools is to teach empathy

29 - deep soul connection

30:10 - irony - one of greatest forces against humanity is formed religion, religion hijacked by the ego
my insert - much like expertise - greatest force against knowing more (descartes and argyris et al)

32:20 -great revolution happens when something comes along that helps us think differently
we always have the capacity as human beings to re-create ourselves
33:30 - conceptual construct is both a culture and and a prison
it is when i am able to use concepts when they are necessary - but also not be used by the concepts

36:20 - world view... welten shaude

39 - being afraid of making mistakes or doing the wrong thing... nothing is a mistake - for some reason it has taken you to this moment

41:10 - failure is not the right word.. you are finding out what doesn't work
in ed - we've created a culture where failure is stigmatized, and that only certain forms of beings are good, and.. that life is linear

45:07 - comfortable not knowing

47:56 - descartes

49 - what often happens in ed is we direct kids to the outside world rather than the inside world.. so most of our lives, our happiness lies in the outside, when actually - true happiness if from the inside - we encourage children in institutions to lose touch of this inner sense

51:04 - fitting with my thinking - that perhaps school creates our adolescence.. because we bring kids through this time without awareness

52:12 - where do we start that teachers are trained more on awareness

53 - to get to the heart (of theatre) what can we get rid of - and it's still theatre - all you really need for theatre is an actor in a space and somebody watching. the relationship between the actor and the audience is theatre.. so - focus on that relationship
54:20 - same with ed - we have all these distractions... but in the middle of ed - there's only one thing that matters - relationship between teacher and student, everything else is a distraction
55:24 - to look into people's eyes and see who they are
56:16 - and what do you really want to do

57:20 - no job is menial if you don't think so

1:02 - doing as a vehicle to consciousness

1:04 - contemplative people vs doing people

1:07:23 - only when you stay in the simplicity of the moment can you do something great
in ed - we focus so much on future - that we lose this

1:10:30 - if you're senses are open, you become a different person, you become yourself
ed is a continuing process - not a preparation

1:13 - 20% - enough for a change of direction, no? flock of birds, school of fish, missing it because to a large extent, media still run by the conceptual mind

1:16 - step back in order to step forward better

1:21 - only reason we are surviving now - via population and capabilities of earth.. is that many are putting up with in-equity. as we become more and more connected.. and people realize that.. we need to be more creative in the way that we co-exist

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