Monday, June 14, 2010


great exemplar - 

  • good to use and not use resources wisely
  • paper learning is static
  • twitter as a lifeline on tests
  • all is documented for better feedback and for portfolio
  • googlewave - can replay a discussion
  • it's not that you don't have to memorize things... just the way students distill things is different
  • twitter to learn a language
  • everyone has the ability to be connected to everyone else in real time  (breaks down hierarchy)
  • textbooks - filtered info - go for flexbooks  - a book adds - but mostly for those that did it.. so that's what we want our students to do  (note: textbooks are not history books)
  • need to be a digital health professional - by example, by experience
like to think that down the road - youtube will be a place of pleasant and eradite comments thanks to a generation of kids growing up knowing what it means to be real engaged and responsible digital citizens
not teaching kids in these environments is dangerous
edmotto, edublogs, ning,.. are out there
but power in twitter and wave are such that students need to learn how to use them
    hybernization of ed.. things done in a building will happen there, things not will not, break down of 7-3 school hours.. 
    just like a dr has to be on call - so does a teacher - 
    {better to be on call than force feeding in the moment}

    i think i'll pack up my summer reading and study...