Sunday, December 2, 2012

tweets dec 1

Mary Ann Reilly (@MaryAnnReilly)
12/1/12 6:06 AM
a5. out of school learning needs to be better understood and
privileged at school. There is such powerful learning happening there. #satchat

Mary Ann Reilly (@MaryAnnReilly)
12/1/12 6:22 AM
When parents understand the power of out of school learning for their children, they will expect/desire that quality at school. #satchat

Ira Socol (@irasocol)
12/1/12 6:05 AM
Need to watch each other teach, share classrooms via Skype, visit schools more than conferences@ewilliams65 #pilgf

Jonathan Midgley (@manxmidge)
12/1/12 5:16 AM
Great piece on the Obama campaign's $250 million fundraising platform, and power of A/B testing > / via @fusionmediacon

Alfie Kohn (@alfiekohn)
2/9/11 7:51 AM
Irony alert: Adults freely confess they stink at math, then object if their kids aren’t taught w/ the same methods they were

Insight Labs (@insightlabs)
12/1/12 6:23 AM
@TEDMED I hope to meet you next week in Soc Innov Summit. We're in the middle of a project you'd find interesting: