Friday, December 7, 2012

Seth's Blog: Too simple

Seth's Blog: Too simple

If the explanations you're demanding for what works aren't working, perhaps it's because you're avoiding nuance in exchange for simplicity.
...The cycle of test and failure works largely because it exposes us to nuance.
If it were obvious, everyone would do it. Wait, that's too simple. How about this: Nuance and subtlety aren't the exception in changing human behavior. They're the norm.

what does nuance mean to you?
cc: Godin
in reference to change
things never combined before
a new blend
everything is a remix?
if it's alive
really cool
and if its not?
dead things aren't
: )
dead - lines
anything that you don't update
how do you know if you're updating for the sake of updating versus updating because its needed to keep moving forward?
that's the essence of this redefinition of public ed. your gut knows
and the people around you help you assess/reflect/feedback loops
trust yourself
trust the people you surround yourself with
trust the process
trust the mistakes
trust life to be that rich
thank you
this poster describes perpetual beta pretty well.. each breath.

eckhart tolle writes about being asked by someone, how do i know i'm doing what i'm supposed to be doing?
eckhart's response: because you're doing it.
its the complexity of the simple that is often the most difficult to grasp
trying though
trying everyday
right. but that's the beauty as well. chaordic. combo of chaos and order.
it is beautifully maddening most days
: )
i used to plan for everything. now i'm in love with perpetual beta. if you're swimming in it - you're grokking more..
it's not about a show or a presentation.. it's about breathing.. being.
seems nuance is often missed when we're prepping/preparing/miming
Right. I mean I hear you, totally but so much of me is plan, show, do, repeat at such a rate that I don't even know what the purpose is so all of this, this whole idea is a lot to take in because I know how much it matters and how much I am not doing it like I could
right, totally
that sounds like me talking.
david weinbergers... too big to know
when we come to the point where we can't imagine doing more.. and let go.. that's the beginning
it's like you have to realize... no prepping or planning can get you there. too big.
it's a big pill to swallow
you'll doubt yourself tons at first
but breathing is so worth it
being able to notice more - so worth it.
when you prep - it's like you're telling yourself you're not good enough without it.
when all the world really wants/needs... is you. as is. now.
i'm not saying don't work hard. but just work hard at the thing you can't not do.
it is a complete shift from anything we are ever told to do, live, be, I am in awe everyday that anyone ever gets out of it and gets to the real stuff
that's why we're calling this process detox
I am also damn certain I am learning more from reading and then talking to you than I have ever learned in my damn life and that is enough to make me just breathe
like of everything
literally everything
its like oh hey, self...there you are...its been 26 years...nice to see you
mine happened at 47..
you're way ahead of me
: )
and Nikhil's happened at 17!
and Cristian
its just
like things can really change if people know this and have this type of learning experience when they are young
it's a quiet revolution. and i think the web is helping us.. to see that - it's too big to not get back to us..
yeah. it's a natural thing. we don't need to teach it or prep for it.. just listen more. to curiosities. and trust - again - that life is rich enough to take us places
in it
on it
listening and questioning
one of he hardest things for people to do. yet how very simple. folding back over on yourself... listening to your gut. daily.

  • Beth Sanders
    what do you do when other people don't get you? this?
    • Monika Hardy
      listen deeper... to why they don't. then realize - their soul is craving it. all the more reason to hasten it.
      • Beth Sanders
        • Monika Hardy
          i truly believe every souls craves this
          but it's cool if i'm wrong
          • Beth Sanders
            me too
            • Monika Hardy
              because it isn't a sell. we're just creating spaces of permission.. setting people free. it has to be their choice.
              or you get back to your - doing it to do it.. not because you can't not.
              huge to not spend your energy trying to sell it. it's an offering. take it or leave it. have a good day.
              • Beth Sanders
                exactly, since detox self talking I've been thinking a lot about how to provide that space within the system. Can I truly provide my students that open, genuine space that is solely focused on their own free will and choice
                hahaha omg yes
                I've been on the selling it train
                now on the this is all there is train
                • Monika Hardy
                  i don't like defining things. i think that kills them in a sense. i just bought the domain for our site, questioned if i should change - redefining to reimagining
                  my heart likes reimagining
                  but equity begs that we redefine school
                  the best way to a more equitable offering of this space of permission with nothing to prove
                  either we all leave school. or we redefine it.
                  take out the compulsion and the proof

                  • hey - putting my detox on youtube.. it as uncomfortable - the vulnerability/transparency. now i'm starting to expose more random conversations as well. just trying to model how be you - be us - works in my life. you ok with me copying this stream into a post?
                    • Beth Sanders
                      absolutely. I'm posting mine on youtube per: you They are currently set to "anyone with the link" so I tweet it, post it to google plus and then walk away
                      I love redefine
                      I think reimagine is embedded within redefine