Friday, December 14, 2012

goyal, zhao, schulz, & taylor

one-size-does-not-fit-all - he's got the mic. he's got the passion. he's doing the self-talk - making sure he keeps the right passion.
love this:
Nikhil was inspired to write his book after he had intimate conversations with educators, students, and parents about the direction the country was going in. He noticed an emerging pattern; education seemed to always be on the hearts and minds of these individuals.  He heard complaints about how terrible the school system is, the pressures kids are facing today, and the lack of a national conversation. He decided he wanted to do something about it.

yong-zhao-on-creatives/ - curious why we're not listening to this more. imagine if we did - we'd realize we have all we need. we might even make hans rosling happy - by leveling things out globally within the year.

kathryn-schulz/ - maybe we're wrong.

kathleen-taylor-authenticity/ - let's not wait.