Monday, November 19, 2012

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Venessa Miemis (@VenessaMiemis)
11/18/12 6:51 PM
Sweden runs out of garbage, forced to import from Norway… via@brettking

Richard Florida (@Richard_Florida)
11/18/12 1:46 PM
Bikes & Bike-Friendly Cities = Better Business & Greater Talent Attraction - Jay Walljasper…

Nilofer Merchant (@nilofer)
11/18/12 1:51 PM
And this is not optimism speaking, but policy recommendation. #education reform is central to our economy.
Raymond Johnson (@MathEdnet)
11/18/12 9:04 PM
Should I be alarmed/surprised at the many broken hyperlinks (all the 2nd-level bullets)?

yeah. interesting. very.
Shaun Chamberlin (@DarkOptimism)
11/19/12 6:19 AM
Just subscribed to/crowd-funded a new national newspaper @transfreepress. You?:…
(see 1st issue:
Jabiz Raisdana (@intrepidteacher)
11/19/12 7:16 AM
Looks like Student 2.0 is back up- Curious where this will go circa 2012 Thanks @cburell

Nikhil Goyal (@nikhilgoya_l)
11/19/12 9:04 AM
To President Obama, appoint someone like @Joi@monk51295@SirKenRobinson@InnovativeEdu,@gever, or @alfiekohn to be Sec. of Education.
i know. funny.
esp when i'm thinking - once people believe it's legal to think for themselves - whole new ballgame in politics esp.

It was a great night!
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  • Monika Hardy And it’s why all of us–policymakers and consumers alike–should be prioritizing support for ventures like the Columbus, which epitomize the lesson that collectively, we can bring something empty and forgotten back, and make it work, and make it beautiful again. It might sound crazy, but for those few hours I was in that space, reveling in the rush of reincarnation, it really did all feel possible. We can revitalize, we can rebuild. Let’s keep it up.