Saturday, November 17, 2012

the future lab

yes - spot on

building: city. 
curriculum: process of learning to learn - be you (authenticity) - be us (attachment). 

so simple.. why are we letting ourselves hold us up.

from thefuture lab below:
Imagine a new learning space. This space is not designed around existing or
traditional notions of schools or how they are organised. Instead this space
is designed and ‘zoned’ around particular types of broad activities, or more
specifi cally, workfl ows.
Learners are free to enter each ‘zone’ and can spend as much time there as
needed and do not necessarily have to progress through each one in a linear
fashion. Each zone refl ects and utilises the sorts of tools, competencies and
problem-solving skills that would be used to turn an idea into a reality. The
space is completely wireless and furnished with a range of other specialist
technologies. Technology experts move around the whole environment, whilst
educators are on hand to offer support, ask questions regarding the focus and
purpose of the activities being undertaken, and engage learners in refl ective
dialogue about the quality of their learning.  It is a community-‘owned’,
intergenerational learning space and working relationships are also fostered
with local businesses and other educational institutions. The principles behind
the design of this space are to encourage collaborative work and create new
knowledge and outputs from the educational pursuit.


Nikhil Goyal shared a link.
In the third scenario, the ‘extended’ school is so all-embracing that it is the community. Life is spent on campus and learning can take place wherever and whenever it is needed, rather than following a traditional timetable. It offers almost infinite flexibility but in the extreme could create a ‘smothering totality’.