Monday, November 12, 2012

nikhil, gever, innovation uncensored


33 min in - about getting in places w/o diplomas/degrees

gever - unis saying - 1st four years of college - pre-college - into a project-centric mindset
so if deliver a student to them - who is already there -

2 yrs ago - hp - stop giving us people with good degrees - we're looking for those in the rocket building club...
have been having to put them into four more yrs of training - after college

anya - is common core answering these needs that employers have?

michelle - we have to enable children to tinker, et al, but we also have to make sure they have basic skills, we have to build the foundational level of skills, at the same time, the innovation/creativity/desire, it's not an either or. we have to do both..

where's the end of - what we think the basics are? who gets to decide that? and how are we certain - that mandated learning is really sinking in?]