Thursday, November 22, 2012

nikhil & adora - youth voices

loving the video
adora and nikhil...

city as school..
fitting with the series han is having me read.

you can't kill anything that's always moving and changing.. crossed by ally condie2

makes me think of a city... it's expected to change... so rarely dies..

we have to save people before we can free them... reached by ally condie3
a quiet revolution. set people free, scale the individual [choice]. hasten and exponentiate equity.

the rising is for everyone, but you are the ones who will begin it. you are the ones that will save them.  condie

turtle shell - happening..

the society is sick,.. and we have the cure.. condie

it's us. no?
the cure is us.
freed up us.

no more fences. the time is right. the rational thing to do is make irrational art.
icarus deception.

this rebellion, is different than others throughout history. it will begin and end with saving your blood, not spilling it.. 
this is the cure.. and now at last we have made enough for everyone.... condie
some things will remain valuable no matter who is in charge, others will change. the currency will shift.  .. condie
they don't trust anyone. that's what we're trying to change. the more people who come in sick and go out cured, the better. then everyone can see that we're here to help.  - condie.
they're glad to be back at work and part of the solution.... condie

ha - detox as cure.
the pilot says the rising will save us all, but we have to help it happen. o traveling - we must try to keep the plague from spreading and .... the most important thing is stopping the plague so we can truly begin again.  - condie
 if you don't walk away from someone's silence.. they just might speak.. condie
and it strikes me that this is how writing anything is. really. a collaboration between you who give the words and they who take them and find meaning in them, or put music behind them, or turn them aside because they were not what was needed. she doesn't take them at first. she thinks she has to offer me something in return. at that moment i realize that the idea i had about trading art was all wrong. - condie

my biggest regrets are from saving and holding back. i kept my poems too long and they were stolen.
i will not go gentle into that good night  -
there are many of them in the world, i think, good men and women with their frail deeds. wondering what might have been, how things might have danced, if we had only dared to be bright.  - condie