Thursday, September 6, 2012

nikhil goyal - one size does not fit all

Nikhil’s words bring up the issue (and the opportunity) for listening deeply, without an agenda, to youth perspective (or even your own) of how days play out in school. I’ve had the opportunity to do just that the last four years and I believe many of us have no idea what we’re all really thinking. Many of us feel there’s not much we could do or change even if we knew more or shared more. Many of us end up just getting on with our days, as they are, doing the best we can, without really asking ourselves if what we’re doing matters. And we’re so busy with getting on, that we’re left with little time in the day to listen, to ourselves, to others, and especially to youth, deeply enough to really hear. 

What Nikhil is sharing here is huge. He’s gathered an incredible collection of eclectic people and ideas on what matters, what’s not working, what could work. Imagine we start believing it’s legal to think for ourselves, to respectfully question everything, to be a different size. To value the human spirit over anything else that might be clouding our vision under the guise of public education.
I’m thrilled that this perspective is now in book form. I think more need to realize what we are doing, as well as what we are missing, on a daily basis. Do we have any bigger asset than human potential? What might be more worthy of our time? Imagine if rather than waiting for innovations to scale, we scaled the individual. One size does not fit all.

A huge thank you to Nikhil, for sharing insight that is much needed. I’m hopeful that this perspective will stir up questions and conversations that get at more of the heart of the matter, that get each one of us changing up the way we play out our days. Nikhil poses a lot of questions/issues/solutions that beg our immediate attention.
Listen deeply. This is a quiet revolution, one long in coming, one that touches each of our souls.

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